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Location Region City/Town Suburb Post Code
Babbacombe Avenue
Wellington Otaki Otaki Beach 5512
Babbage Place
Manawatu-Wanganui Wanganui Otamatea 4500
Baber Drive
Auckland Auckland Stonefields 1072
Baber Street
Waikato Waihi 3610
Baberton Street
Waikato Tokoroa 3420
Babich Road
Auckland Auckland Henderson Valley 0612
Babich Road
Auckland Auckland Henderson Valley 0614
Babington Place
Auckland Auckland Torbay 0630
Babington Street
Canterbury Timaru Parkside 7910
Babsie Road
Otago Dunedin Maia 9022
Bacardi Place
Auckland Takanini Conifer Grove 2112
Baccata Lane
Manawatu-Wanganui Dannevirke 4930
Back Road
West Coast Granity 7823
Back Road
Otago Lawrence 9532
Back Street
Otago Tapanui 9522
Backhurst Grove
Auckland Auckland Massey 0614
Bacon Street
Otago Dunedin Broad Bay 9014
Bacon's Lane
Auckland Auckland Auckland Central 1010
Bacot Place
Auckland Auckland Howick 2014
Baddeley Avenue
Auckland Auckland Kohimarama 1071

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